You know how it is...stores are filled with the black and orange of Halloween, it’s barely chilly and it seems like the very next DAY, some elves have replaced fall with Christmas trees, fake snow, the sound of carols wafting through the speakers in elevators.  And now, with a vague feeling of unease, you begin to think you MIGHT JUST be the only one in the universe who hasn’t even BEGUN to think about holiday planning!  

This is me, every single year.  Well, not really...I THINK about Christmas in June when I see something that would be a PERFECT gift for my sisters or nieces or nephews, only to promptly forget what it was, never to be remembered when I realize I am the ONLY ONE IN THE UNIVERSE who hasn’t finished (okay, begun) holiday shopping.  

So, dear Pearl girls, I want to share a bit of wisdom: somehow, every year, it all gets done!  So take time to relax, get some rest, begin making your lists, put on seasonal music, have a glass of wine or hot chocolate, sit by the fire and get ready for the beautiful chaos of the season.  

Make it easy on yourself with gift cards, accompanied by special notes telling each person on your list what they mean to you.  Throw a party and have everyone bring their own favorite Christmas memory food and let them describe why they love it.  Pick a charity and serve Thanksgiving dinner to less fortunate people and show them your amazing smile and love.  Have a cookie exchange or contest with friends or family.   As for your long to-do list?   Everything will get done...I promise. 

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