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      Welcome to The Pearl!  You’ve found the perfect place for all the clothes you need for your busy, fun, happy life!  We are a company led and inspired by confident women of all ages whose lives demand cute, comfy clothes with that “cool girl” vibe.  We love color, patterns, texture and styles that are current and trendy, with American classic and boho influences.  


      The Pearl Boutique is an American company, located right in the heart of the southern plains in Oklahoma.  
      Yes, we get tornados, sometimes an earthquake or two, lots of hot weather and loads of wind, but we like to think that no matter the weather, looking cute is at least half the battle!  I mean, if you’re going to be interviewed on television after a tornado, you’d better at least have on a cute top and ball cap, right? (Some pants or a skirt would be good, too ;) 
      My name is Kara and I started The Pearl Boutique in an effort to bring cute clothes to all of us pearl girls at affordable prices.  We have YOU in mind as we search the world for clothes that suit real pearl girls’ lifestyles. 
      If I think back on every major event in my life, I remember distinctly what I was wearing. I would bet y’all are like remember selecting those outfits for senior pictures, graduation, a first date with your now hubby, meeting your bf’s fam for the first time, the (hopefully not hideous) bridesmaid’s dress you wore at your bestie’s wedding, the clothes you had on when you got say nothing of rehearsal dinners, honeymoon, baby reveal, and all those special moments that make up our busy lives.  Clothes play such a part in our memories!  
      I believe that what you wear is just an extension of who you are on the inside...and at The Pearl, we see pearl girls as spunky, sassy and a lot of FUN, even if what we are doing at the time isn’t always so much...
      We made it a mission to select clothes for your life’s moments, big and small, so you can look cute and as fun and sassy on the outside as you are on the inside.  We hope you enjoy our clothes as much as we do!  
      In my spare time (ha!) my husband and I like both beaches and mountains (yeah, I know, who doesn’t?) hanging with our family, getting away together, our pets, our home and gardens and college football.  We are huge Oklahoma Sooners fans and crimson is my favorite color! 
      I have a lifelong passion for animals, and we live with 4 cats, a Doberman named Roxie and I I’m involved with an amazing group of like-minded women who help to rescue horses from bad situations and senseless slaughter in Mexico and Canada.
      We feed wild turkeys and deer on our acreage and spend way too much time awake at night with animals taking over our bed.  
      We are so happy you found us and glad you have become part of the pearl girl family!   We love feedback on our clothes...your opinions on our selections help us find the perfect mix of things for you, and help others to decide how the pieces fit and look. Every pearl girl puts her own special style stamp on our clothes, so send us YOUR pictures!   
      Be sure to follow us on social media!  We post quick deals and sales often, so you don’t want to miss anything!  And social media is where y’all can shine!  We LOVE to see pics of you in your “pearl girl” clothes, so post ‘em up on our Insta or Facebook pages!   
      Again, thanks for trusting us to keep you looking cute!
      The world really is our oyster, girls!