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      News — Fall



      Even down here on the southern plains, where it’s generally hot until, well...until it’s not (usually some time around Thanksgiving) we are starting to feel summer slowly slipping away. The sun’s not as hot in the sky and the days are definitely getting shorter.  We are almost a month into football season, where we make pilgrimages to college towns where we once walked as students, where we tailgate and greet friends and cheer for the good guys.  We spend Sunday afternoons playing touch football on still-green lawns before watching the nearest pro team’s prowess on the field.  

      And we are really ready to switch from light and bright summer clothes to the warm harvest tones of fall and the jeweled colors of winter.  Are you ready to look cute, comfy AND cozy for fall?  We know we are!  Check out the newest fall styles on our NEW ARRIVALS page and look for the cutest, softest sweaters and dresses to keep you adorable and cozy as the weather cools down.  Change is coming...are you ready?

      Show us how YOU styled your look on social media @shopthepearlboutique.