A Different Kind of Season


 As spring rolls slowly into most parts of the United States, we find ourselves in a battle that would have been almost unimaginable just a few weeks ago!  The virus that has reached our shores and is running through every state has fundamentally changed all we do these days! 

 Just a few weeks ago, The Pearl Boutique opened our brick and mortar location in Oklahoma City, we paid fees for all the spring and summer shows we planned to attend and ordered A LOT of cute spring merchandise!  Now the Los Angeles fashion district (and the entire state of California) is on lockdown, as are many states!  The Dallas, Atlanta and Las Vegas markets are postponed and you, our valued customers, are also in completely different places than you were a few weeks ago too. 

 We all have jobs, obligations and worries…we may not have anticipated nor been prepared to deal with something of this magnitude, but as a nation, we have endured hardships and difficult times and disasters before, and the spirit of Americans never shines brighter than when we come together to help each other.  The silver lining in all of this is that we see the goodness of people shine through. 

 One thing’s for certain: there are better days ahead.  We will lean on each other, say our prayers and look for ways we can make a difference and help other people.  We are Americans, it’s what we do. 

 As owner of The Pearl Boutique, I want you to know that you are in MY prayers as we navigate unfamiliar waters together.  For now, we will do what are able, and with hearts full of faith and hope, we will await those better days.

Trust the Lord, be kind to each other and we will all come through this soon!  Hang in there, Pearl girls

Much Love,





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