As Cool as the Upcoming Weather
Fall must-haves include lots of leopard and snakeskin prints and the color mustard is RED HOT.  Ranging from goldenrod and Dijon to true “big bird” mustard yellow—you’re gonna need to add at least something in mustard to your closet this fall!  
Leopard’s still hot and trendy  in both brown and gray (or leopard and snow leopard) colors—even hotter when you pair it with mustard or crimson red for fall.  
Snakeskin is IN and the most popular snakeskin color is the black/gray combo.  You’re gonna see snakeskin print on EVERYTHING this fall, trust us!  
Camo is big again this fall: camo dresses, shoes, tops...we promise you’re not gonna be hiding from anyone in this must-have trend, either!
Buffalo plaid is back and everywhere again this fall as well.  Wear it in red or hot mustard!  
You’ll see a lot of color block sweaters, tops and dresses for fall/winter, too.  Get it with one of the hot animal prints for the ultimate in trendy!
Try out one (or ALL) of these trends to keep looking cute and cozy until spring! 


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