Fringe Benefits Sweater in Sherbet Pink


OH THIS SWEATER!  Every pearl girl knows that there are times that you want to look put together but not like you TRIED too hard!  So today you’re meeting your boss’s wife to transfer some things from the office from your car to hers.  No big deal, right?  But you DON’T want to be wearing sweats and a tee shirt.  You put on some cute distressed jeans,  your snakeskin print sneaker slides, add THIS beautiful fringed sweater and off you go to meet her.  

SURPRISE!  She invites you to lunch and you are PERFECTLY dressed when you step into that bistro!  Don’t look now, but your “valuable employee” stock in your company just went through the roof!  


35% Cotton 65% Polyester

Medium weight knit blend sweater with fringe line detail. 

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